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We accept all types of grooming clients too! Dogs who are fearful or difficult for grooming, we will work with! We also offer medical baths and ear cleaning. We use a force dryer and will offer your dog a break, making sure not to push them too far and cause them too much stress. 

While your dog either waits for their turn or waits to go home, if they are dog friendly they can also take part in our community daycare. 

We offer to groom Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We also offer grooming for boarding or daycare dogs as an add on. When scheduling for grooming, please make sure to give our groomer two hours. 


How to get Started

We have very limited grooming slots available, so for a bath, blow or haircut, you will need to schedule ahead of time. 
You can now check our availability with our kennel booker tool. 
If you are a new customer, please sign up with us! 

You can find our prices
If you are having difficulty navigating our kennel booker system, please call us at (253) 503-3135, and you are welcome to ask if we have room for the day. 

Nail trims can happen any time. 

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