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Our Board and Train Program
Once They Go Home
Image by Jay Wennington
  • Go-Home Notes with all the cues and behaviors we have worked on. 

  • Three Check-in training visits in the first four weeks after (in person or via Zoom) 

  • Unlimited Lifetime Email Support. 

Three Day Transition Period

  • Your dog may be tired, have loose stool. This is normal during a big change. 

  • Keep Home Environment Routine low-key and quiet. 

While They Are At Our Facility
Image by Mike Burke
  • Boarding provided by the Muttropolitan 

  • Regular, daily training sessions focused on:

    • Personalized Goals you set​

    • Basic Manners

    • Leash Manners

    • Handling Manners

    • Appropriate Play with people & dogs (provided they are not dog aggressive) 

  • Provided your dog is dog-friendly, they have access to the doggie daycare for socialization and play. 

  • If they are not dog-friendly, one on one play will be provided, along with daily walks. 

  • Updates at minim once a week, complete with pictures. We do our best to send updates often, but we do get very busy during the week. 

  • At least one video a week of your dog working.

Your Dog's First Week​

  • It's a big change, so the first week is really about settling into a new space and a new routine.

The Pricing Breakdown
Image by T.R Photography 📸
  • Four Weeks of Boarding at the Muttprolitan. This includes everything that boarding normally consists of. 

  • Daily training sessions working towards specific goals.

  • Personalized Training plans

  • Two at-home transition training check-ins. 

  • A lifetime of unlimited trainer support for any concerns or questions you have. 

$2400 Up Front

4 payments of $700 | 6 payments of $450

Payments with a $300 non-refundable down payment

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