We have two options when it comes to boarding! We have 4 privacy suites for dogs who are not destructive or escape artists. It is meant to mimic a home environment, comfortable and homey complete with furniture to lay upon. 

For dogs that are a little harder to contain or are aggressive, we have 8 kennels in our back kennel room. Dogs have beds and toys and we have dog walkers that come through the center twice a day for walks, all included in the price. Dogs who are dog friendly may also get to play in the community daycare. 

We are equipped to handle all different kinds of dogs- dog aggressive, resource guarders, escape artists, flight risks, medical needs dogs, senior dogs, and puppies. 

When you drop your dog off, you only need to bring your dog and their leash, and their food if they need to stay on their food. If not we offer Kirkland Lamb and Rice. 

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Daycare Hours

Monday - Saturday 7am-7pm

Lobby Hours

Monday - Saturday 9am-4pm

Phone Number

(253) 503-3135


5411 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma Wa 98409