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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes The Muttropolitan DIFFERENT from other dog daycares & boarding facilities?

A: When opening the Muttroplitan our goal was to be able to provide care to pets that are often overlooked by the typical daycare & boarding facilities. We specialize in difficult to handle, less socialized, and pups who need medical assistance that can't be monitored at a larger facility. We do offer small sessions of group play daycare Monday - Friday, but also have private suites for dogs who need supervision but not interaction with other dogs. But don't worry, your dog doesn't need to fit into any of those categories to come board with us! 

Q: What if my dogs scared?

A: We're all scared sometimes! Especially in new places with new people! Our staff is fully trained in dog behaviors and your pups being scared or anxious [typically] won't deter our ability to keep them for boarding at our facility. We understand that stranger danger is a real thing and do our best to earn their trust and make them as comfortable as possible! If that means letting them nap all day and just making sure they've got all the creature comforts then that's just what we'll do. 

Q: What if my dog wants to play and be crazy with other dogs in the daycare?

A: Our daycare is specifically for dogs that cannot go to a standard doggie day camp facility. We also limit the amount and types of dogs we take in for daycare as we a smaller facility. If it seems like your pup might be more than our dogs can handle, we can refer you to another daycare that is more appropriate for your dog. That being said, they will always be welcome for boarding! 

Q: What if my dogs elderly and/or doesn't get around well?

A: Your dogs are who inspired us! Should you dog have any physical limitations or medical needs just let us know and we will do our absolute best to accommodate them at our facility. We've taken care of dogs who are paralyzed, have broken legs, are diabetic and more. Depending on the extent of care needed there is a medical boarding fee that starts at an additional $5 per night (can go up based on intensity of care required). Feel free to call to discuss your pet's specific needs and if we would be a good fit. 

Q: What if my dog needs medication during the day?

A: We can do that! Our staff is comfortable providing most types of medications! Please keep in mind that if your pet is not great at taking pills for you they may not be comfortable with a stranger so let us know beforehand so we can deploy our bag of tricks! We want your pet to get their pills, but we also want our staff to be safe. 

Q: What are your health requirements for our dogs to attend your daycare & boarding?

A: We require your pets be up to date on their Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccines for their stay. Best practice is for vaccines to be given TWO or more weeks before their visit. We cannot accept any pets who have had any vaccines within 48 hours of their stay. While your pet may have never had a reaction before, the stress of a new environment is more likely to trigger an adverse reaction within those first 48 hours. 

Q: My dog isn't spayed/neutered, are they welcome at The Muttropolitan?

A: Absolutely! Unaltered females are allowed in day camp provided they are not in heat, should they go into heat we do require two weeks minimum from the end of their visual cycle before they can come back to play. Unaltered males are allowed in day camp depending on age and temperament. Both are allowed at all times for boarding! There is an additional $5 per night for unaltered males and females in heat. We do not allow unaltered males and females to be boarded in the same kennel. 

Q: What is included in boarding?

A: Boarding your pet at The Muttropolitan includes 3 walks per day and up to three meals per day based on your dogs feeding schedule. If your pet is social and enjoys group play, there is the option for daycare while they are here. If your dog needs medications or other has medical requirements, we do also provide medical boarding. We can also provide various grooming for additional fees.

Q: What all should I bring with my dog for their boarding stay?

A: We supply all the basics; Bedding, food dishes, toys, harnesses and leashes, and even food. All of these are at no additional charge. Should you wish to keep your pet on their own food you can absolutely bring it in! We can refrigerate/freeze food as needed. We ask that you do not bring your pets own belongings for safety reasons, as well as lack of storage space for additional items. 

Q: My dog doesn't like strangers, are they allowed at The Muttropolitan?

A: Absolutely. We have never turned a dog away because of their temperament. This is what makes us different from other boarding facilities, we take pets that others won't. In some cases, if the pet has extreme stranger danger fears, we will ensure, at the very least, that they have food and water and their kennel is cleaned. 

Q: My dog isn't dog friendly, can they come for boarding?

A: Yes! Dogs have different personalities and we understand that. If they don't like other dogs, they'll get individual attention and won't come in contact with any other pets in our care. If they have a family pet that they get along with we can ensure they get to hang out together for walks! 

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Q: Does my dog need to do a meet & greet before they can come for daycare or boarding?

A: No. Due to our specializing in all social levels of dogs, we do not require meet and greets. For daycare we will ask more detailed questions to determine if they seem like a good fit for a trial run. 

Q: What type of training does the staff at The Muttropolitan have?

A: All the staff at The Muttropolitan have done their training through The Dog Handlers Academy. We also have 3 separate owners who each come with their own experience they provide to the staff from extensive dog adoptions and foster to being active dog trainers and dog behaviourists. 


Guidelines and Policies

VACCINE POLICY: We require all pets to have their Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. Vaccinations can be administered by a vet or self-administered with the proper paperwork. Should your pet be unable to receive any of the vaccines for health reasons (allergic reactions, age, etc) please provide a note from your veterinarian for their file. If your pet should come down ill with a contagious illness (Kennel Cough, Giardia), they will need a clean bill of health from their vet to resume daycare/boarding.

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required with availability on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may make several reservations at one time to guarantee space availability. Should you show up without having previously made a reservation we can make no guarantees that there will be space available for your pup(s). This applies to daycare, boarding, and grooming.

DEPOSITS: Starting August 2023 we will be requiring a 15% non-refundable deposit on all boarding stays over holiday or more than 3 days during our peak times. Deposits must be paid no later than two weeks in advance or reservations will be forfeited. Reservations made less than 2 weeks in advance will require the 15% deposit to be paid within 24 hours of the deposit invoice being sent or the reservation will be canceled. As a small business with limited space, short-notice cancelations or no-shows greatly affect our ability to support other pets as well as our employees. 

REFUNDS: Should you need to cut your pet's stay short for any reason, Leash The Muttro Pup will credit half of their remaining stay towards their next visit (excluding holidays). We are a small business with limited capacity and our reservation availability is based on the dates booked, this means any shortened visits result in a loss of potential revenue. 

CANCELLATION: We accept cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. If we are not informed of cancellation before noon the day before, it will be considered a no-show and you may be charged. Some reservations (holiday, peak times, extended stays) do require a non-refundable deposit with specific cancellation guidelines and those specifics will be sent to you at the time the reservation is made. Multiple short notice (one week or less) cancellations or no shows for a boarding reservation made result in prepayment requirements to make reservations or termination of boarding contract.

LATE PICK UP POLICY - DAYCARE: Daycare runs Monday - Friday, from 6:30am to 6:30pm. Late pick ups will be charged $1 per minute after 6:30pm. Should you not arrive or call and communicate with the staff by 7pm, your pet will be switched to an overnight boarder and you will be charged the daycare fee, the full $30 additional late fee, and the overnight stay fee.

LATE PICK UP POLICY - BOARDING: Boarding pick up is between 9am and 12pm. Any pick up after 12pm is subject to a $15 extended care fee. This fee is non-refundable. Our reservations are based on empty kennels and a late check out does limit our ability to take in a pet in their place. EX: At check in you advise you will be unable to pick up your pet until 5pm on the day they are going home. We charge the extended care fee of $15 based on this information and schedule it as such in our system to ensure your pet has the appropriate space available during the entirety of their visit. You arrive to pick up your pet early at 11am. Due to your original scheduled pick up time of 5pm, we were unable to schedule any other pet in this space. For this reason, extended care fees are non-refundable.

FOOD/MEDICATION GUIDELINES: We can administer most medications prescribed by a veterinarian. Please bring all medications in their original containers. If you are able to limit the pills to the amount for their stay plus a few extra just in case of an emergency we would greatly appreciate it. Should your pet be finicky about taking their medicine please let us know ahead of time so we can be aware and safe while providing their care. If they take their treats any special way (peanut butter, pill pockets, cheese, etc) please bring them with you! 

SICK DOG POLICY: We reserve the right to refuse a dog that is a potential safety risk to the other pets in our care. This includes finding fleas at check in or a pet presenting any type of contagious illness. It is your responsibility as an owner to ensure and prove that your pet is not a health risk to others. 

LEASH/CONTAINED PET GUIDELINE: All dogs must enter and exit our building on a leash or in a carrier. If you did not bring your pet with a leash or in carrier please leave them in your car and come let us know. We can provide you with a slip lead at the time of drop off/pick up. 

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