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Daycare Hours

Monday - Friday

6:30am to 6:30pm

Now Accepting New Day Care Clients for January  2024. Call or email for details!

If you would like to get your pup on our waitlist, send us an email with your dog's breed, age, and quick history. As soon as a spot becomes available, we will contact you.


Our daycare is set up to be customized to suit your dog's individual needs. A place where a dog can have supervision without socialization requirements. If a dog needs medication because they are recovering, sick, or elderly we can provide a safe place to be. 

Aside from that, we have our Puppy socialization program that runs three days a week. We provide a safe environment where they can learn appropriate play and social skills with dogs of all ages and sizes.

We also have our Pandemic Recovery Program, geared for dogs who have become socially inept due to the pandemic, or dogs who are suffering from lack of exposure. This program, while it does not work for every dog, has been very beneficial to others with consistency. 

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