While we do cater to special needs dogs, we do have small groups of everyday regular dogs- big and small, young and old. 

We offer community daycare for dogs who are social or who are working on their socialization skills. We have a daycare attendant that closely monitors the dog's play and we keep dogs separated based on their needs and capabilities. 

We also offer deluxe privacy daycare, for dogs who need a place to go for the day but are not necessarily social. This also includes dogs who have medicals needs, are recovering from surgery, or just need time alone. These services must be prescheduled as availability is limited  We do understand that sometimes privacy daycare is needed in emergency situations and we will do our best to accommodate those situations. 



How to get Started

As popularity grows and training programs are put in place, because are so small - we are requesting that everyone check our availability before drop off and reserve your daycare spot! You can now check our availability with our kennel booker tool. 
If you are a new customer, please sign up with us! 

You can find our prices
If you are having difficulty navigating our kennel booker system, please call us at (253) 503-3135, and you are welcome to ask if we have room for the day. 

Drop off times are between 7am and 9am and pick up times are between 3pm and 5pm. If you are needing an earlier drop off or later pickup, we require that arrangements be made in advance. 

We are closed to Daycare on Sundays.