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Service Dog Training

What We Do Teach


Public Access

There is no current standard for how much public access training a service dog should have.  That being said, you should be willing to devote at minimum a year of dedication. (We do public access every weekend except once a month. We also split it into groups.) 

This includes: 

-Safely loading and unloading your dog from your vehicle to a full parking lot.

-Being able to enter an establishment calmly.

-Work without distractions or interruptions from outside sources

-Holding a close with-me through narrow aisles. 

-Hold a sit-and-stay, a down-and-stay

-Be able to continue following handler if the leash is dropped.

-Remaining calm at the sight of another dog or something that can be considered scary/exciting


-To People Approaching

-To someone trying to get your attention

-To alert when you begin showing signs of distress

-To alert when you need to sit down due to anxiety attack, breathing problems, etc.


-Act as a buffer from others- from in front, behind and circle around

-Provide bracing when steadying yourself.

-Offering a signal to excuse yourself from an uncomfortable situation


-Deep Pressure Therapy or DPT

-Interrupt compulsive or repetitive motions, such as scratching, pulling hair, etc.

-Lead to a quiet area; place to sit down

What We Don't Teach

We Don't Teach Detection

-To low blood sugar

-Allergins / triggering odors

Currently, we aren't teaching retrievals or airline guidance, but we hope to be by Mid 2024.

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What Do You Need Before You Start

-Basic Manners and Obedience Level

(Our Adult Foundation or Puppy Foundation Class Count)

-Intermediate Foundation and Obedience.


-Loose Leash Walking Skills 

-An In-Training Vest with appropriate walking gear.

Our Program Packages

Dedicated Public Access.

This is 6 months of Public Access work. This would be joining every weekend; except the weekend we take off.

That is three Saturdays and 2 Sundays. 

Total Price: $1,500. 

We offer monthly payments of $275 for 6 months. 

Service Dog Public Access.

This is a year of Public Access work. This would be joining every other weekend in Group 1; except the weekend we take off.  

Total Price: $1,800. 

We offer monthly payments of $200 for a year

The Whole Shabang.

-Foundation and Manners Training; both beginning, intermediate and advanced.

-6 Months of Public Access Training.

-Task Training: Alert, Calm & Support

For this Program, you are looking at least a year of dedication. 

Total Price: $4,200. 

We offer monthly payments of $350. 

Total Cost goes down if you pay upfront.

Foundation Program

This program includes all levels of Foundation and Manners Required for Service Dog Training.  

Total Price: $650. 

We offer a payment plan of $250 per course.

Task Training

This program includes teaching each of the tasks we are currently offering.

This is offered as private sessions at the Muttropolitan. Scheduling varies by availability.

Total Price: $300. 

Public Access Bomb Proofing.

This is public access training for dogs who are not looking to be service or assistance dogs but working on being bomb-proof to the scary things life throws out there. Also known as Group 2 that meets every other Saturday. 

We offer monthly payments of $225. 


Handler Resources

There is no official certification for a Service Dog. Anyone who offers to give you a federal or state certification is only trying to get your money.

A Service dog is defined as a medical tool that performs medical or psychiatric tasks. 

An emotional support dog is not task trained. 

What you need is a note from your doctor or psychiatrist stating the required use of a service dog or emotional support dog. All dogs who are out in public should be trained for public access and up to date on all of their vaccinations.  

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